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Patagonia Bagual, an experience that is unique different life changing grand amazing unforgettable in Torres del Paine.

Dreamnt Place
Alternative Tourism
Specialized Team
Life Experience

Why are we Different

Solitude Trekking

We reassure you that you will not find another person during the full day. Here is where you experiment the true solitude of Torres del Paine.

Patagonia Adventure

Discover the last groups of wild horses of Patagonia, age-old protagonists and habitants of the marvelous landscapes of Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile.

Ideal for all ages

We can adapt to your needs. Groups of friends, universities, families or people of any age can participate.

Torres del Paine

Hiking in the most pristine zone of Torres del Paine National Park, place that hasn´t been exploited for tourism or farming.

Wild Horses

There are approximately 97 adult horses that can be found in this area with behavior never seen before in the world.

Specialized Team

We are not only guides, but we are investigators that teach how to understand the ecology of the place we visit and the behavior of the wild horses.

Life Changing Tourism

We need you to help us conserve this place and in exchange you´ll receive a life experience that you´ll never forget.

Extraordinary Views

Montañas, valles, esteros, lagunas, humedales, etc. Mountains, valleys, lagoons and wild animals can be seen during our trek. Plus an astounding view of Torres del Paine that few have seen.

More Information

The Patagonia Bagual full day consists of a 40 minute transportation in a 4x4 van, introductary and security briefing talk, guided trekking and observacion of wild horses lead by experts. See more Services
If you lived the Patagonia Bagual Experience, here you´ll be able to see the images of your trip. If you haven´t lived it yet, learn about it here.Ver Más Fotografías
Information about our specialized team that gives the best experience in Patagonia for you, your friends or family. Learn about our team

We hope that these videos show how Amazing Learnable Impactful a normal day is with Patagonia Bagual