Full day Patagonia Bagual

We head to the sector of Laguna Azul, from where the journey starts on a 4×4 vehicle by the northern slope of the Cordillera Masle, from where you can see the Cordillera Baguales, Salto Las Chinas and gorges of the Canyon of the Bulls. After a 40 minute transfer, we will arrive at an old “Post”, where the “Gauchos” who tended the cattle industry took refuge. On this site, a brief but emotional introduction to the history of the place and evolution and characteristics of wild horses will be explained. With the help of satellite tracking equipment and the expertise of our guides, we will begin our trek in search of 100 specimens of wild horses that were stranded in this area, surrounded by mountains, lakes and meadows, in the most pristine place and with the least human intervention in Torres del Paine. Depending on where the herd of horses are, we will choose the best place for lunch in the open, sharing knowledge and experience. The feeling to track, monitor and analyze the horses will give us an unforgettable experience, where the connection with nature is unparalleled. In addition, achieve magnificent views of Lake Stokes, the Cordillera Dickson and the imposing Torres del Paine. After 7-8 hours we finish.


Observation of Wild Horses

Solitary trekking, without trails

Hikes in the most pristine place in Torres del Paine

Unique views and panoramic scenery

Bilingual guides who specialize in tracking and anima behavior

Observation equipment included

Practical introduction and theory about the wild horses

Ideal for all ages

More Information

Private programs from October 1st to April 1st

Seasonal Prices 2016 – 2017:
• Patagonia Bagual Full Day: CLP $125.000 pesos per person (Taxes included)

• Transfer by car from Laguna Azul to the starting point of the tour (Cerro Baguales) and vice versa.
• Introductary speech of daily goals, handling equipment and behavior during the approach and observation of wild horses.
• Presentation of safety procedures.
• Specialized Tour Guide with Interpretation of Nature (Flora and Fauna), focused on the herd of Wild Horses.
• Use of observation equipment (binoculars, monocular, tablets, etc.), mobile shelters and identification guides.
• Helicopter rescue , if it has not previously been hired by the client.
• Trekking service lasts between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the place where the wild horses are. Guided activities about flora and fauna develop in an area without trails, so it is essential to abide by the instructions of the guide.
• When it includes minors under 18, they must have permission from their parents or guardians.
• Food or boxed lunch.
• Torres del Paine Park Entrance Fees.
• Does not include transportation to hotels or place where you´ll be staying.
• Does not include guided services to places not included in the program
Entry into the area of ​​observation of wild horses is restricted to only 13 passengers per day. For larger groups , request the service in advance.
The service is developed with a minimum of 3 people.
• Spanish and English
• Portuguese , French and German can be hired for an additional fee and requesting this extra service in advance.
• Comfortable Trekking shoes ( shoe mid-cut suggested) , comfortable clothing ( sweaters and pants ) , sunglasses , sunscreen , lip balm, water bottle and backpack.
• The shoe will be reviewed by the staff of the company before the activity .
• The company reserves the right to deny the use of equipment that endanger the safety of users or activity at risk
Ability to hike between 4 and 12 kilometers and carry your own equipment
• Adequate physical ability to walk up to 12 km a day.
• Minimum age to participate in the activity: At the discretion of parents or guardians.
• Maximum age to participate in the activity: It depends on the physical capabilities of the potential customer .
• Any child under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
• All children between 14 and 16 years , must have a single permit at least one of their parents or guardians.
• No pets allowed
• It is not allowed to extract fossils, flowers, bulbs , plant parts , seeds or insects , feeding the animals, littering and places not light fires .
• The activity can be suspended or delayed without notice in the following cases :
adverse weather conditions ( heavy rain, strong wind, dense fog and / or snowfall ) or sudden changes of this. Hazards associated with avalanches, earthquakes or fires occur.
or when any member of the group suffers any incident, accident, injury or an obvious state of exhaustion.
Dehydration and sunstroke or by any of the participants.