We head to the sector Laguna Azul, from where the journey begins in a 4×4 vehicle on the northern slope of the Cordillera Masle, from where you can see the Cordillera Baguales, Salto Las Chinas and gorges of the Canyon of the Bulls. After a 40 minute transfer, we will arrive at an old «Post», where the «gauchos» who tended the cattle industry took refuge. On this site, a brief but emotional introduction to the history of the place and evolution and characteristics of wild horses will be explained. With the help of satellite tracking equipment and the expertise of our guides, we will begin our trek in search of 100 specimens of wild horses that were stranded in this area, surrounded by mountains, lakes and meadows, in the most pristine place and with the least human intervention of Torres del Paine. Depending on where the herd of horses are, we will choose the best place for lunch in the open, sharing knowledge and experience. The feeling of tracking, monitoring and analyzing the horses will give us an unforgettable experience, where the connection with nature is unparalleled. In addition, achieving magnificent views of Lake Stokes, the Cordillera Dickson and the imposing Torres del Paine. Finishing fter 7-8 hours.