About Us

Birth of a Project:

With a better understanding of the herd and a differentiated tourism product, «Horses Path Ltda.», Was awarded the concession of a privileged area inhabited by wild horses, all designed to enable and fulfill the dream of making a joint tourism and scientific observation flora, fauna and ornithology, focusing specifically on the environment that surrounds the herd of horses. So we turn to the sector of the beautiful Laguna Stokes, the only place in the park with restricted access, which allows us to project and make our dream a reality: to create a park within the park where tourists and scientists come together for details. This place is lost in time, as it watched Lady Florence Dixie. A place where a group of horses remain intact and retained their prehistoric behavioral characteristics, survival and interaction with the environment, unlike what happens with other groups of wild horses in the world where the population is growing enormously, affecting their habitat and condemning them to survive outside their native environment: real expropriation of their paradise.

Our History