• Victor ´Papa´ Fernandez Management

    32 years specialized in supporting design, development and project management , entrepreneurship and innovation. He currently leads the most important project : Patagonia Bagual ; offering our customers an experience never before seen in Patagonia.

  • Victor ´Pito´ Moraga Operations

    33 years living in Patagonia. Enjoying the infinite remaining territory to be discovered. 100% dedicated to Patagonia Bagual project. Passionate for educating and motivating about nature for future generations to achieve real change that helps you be more aware of what is happening in our environment.

  • Enrique Zunzunegui Logistics

    Born in Madrid, Spain. 36 years of age.
    Since childhood he has been linked to nature and specifically the world of horses and horse riding . He holds a degree in environmental science , technical blacksmith and member of the National Association of Spain training Natural Dressage equine focused through motivation. He is also member of AETANA ( Spanish Association of Animal- assisted therapy and nature).

  • Nibaldo Cvitanic Marketing

    He has been living in Patagonia for less then 5 years now. Dedicated to promoting and marketing Patagonia Bagual through Facebook, YouTube and other social networks. With love for the conservation of Patagonia and always looking for the best way to help protect this pristine place.