Having a PhD in Equine Ethology and a great friend of Patagonia Bagual, requires us to strive and improve our expertise to the limit. On the one hand, we have someone to share specific knowledge of behavior, habits, and ethology, it’s not like when a normal tourist asks the basic things that we never tire of repeating and reinforcing, and on the other hand have a great friend who is not would keep any comments about the experience we’re delivering as scientific tourism. Great friends are the ones who provide critical opinions and are able to make you realize your mistakes and successes, not those with a cold slap on the back just tell you that all is well.
Finally, the wonderful day, sunny and cold, especially for walking. We prepare as if we were walking for hours, and within 45 minutes we were watching the horses as quietly grazing on the north face of the mountain Masle, very tall, about 800mts. It was a very good day, although we did not see them closely, we have equipment to generate an unforgettable experience. Telescopes, binoculars, telephoto lenses long range and our experience enable us to bring the viewer into the world of baguales, without walking more than necessary.
The horses remained calm for more than an hour, so we took advantage of having 97 adults and 4 foals, a very good count, as I was with the objectivity of two women where clearly no detail escapes them. We counted 102-105 adult horses, again and again, they quickly came and coincided with the number 97, again and again, 97, and, more than 6 counts came unfailingly to the amount of 97 adults, and I was defeated. I stopped counting, as my head created imaginary horses that altered my counts and thus the perception of reality. For science , it requires something, hopefully an infinite number of observers.
That day we had time to identify the number of adults by layers of colors, so we can identify 13 Gateados, 3 wolfish 5 colored, 4 chestnut and addition and subtraction 72 baguales dark, without differentiating between blacks and peccaries.
Certainly the experience of Dr. Tamara Tadich gave us much knowledge and enriched Patagonia Bagual with a woman and her objectivity of science.