Expectants of the day with ornithologists from Natales, more than ornithologists, Jose Diaz stands out as one, if not the most experienced guide in Magallanes. His knowledge of mountains, ethnicity, history, geology, ornithology, among others, have taken him from across the fields south of Hanta infected ice, discovering a number of archaeological sites in the region and Tierra del Fuego. Patricio Barria has less information, but his knowledge and passion for ornithology contributed to the Patagonia bagual experience by rediscovering the valley of Laguna Stoke, and observing with new eyes, the eyes of a tracker of horses were turned into two small glasses of a child that in each bird saw a little gem, previously unnoticed, they staged every minute of the day.
While it was not the best time to watch birds in the sector, dancers, Carpenters, Chunchos, snipe, Leads, struggled to attract the attention of discerning ornithologists. The day ended with many tasks to Patagonia Bagual Perdicita mountainous giant snipe, cordillerano carancho, among others, would be the most interesting birds found in the place, and clearly our future task to identify these species in the valley of Laguna Stoke.