The red of the sky merged with autumnal hillsides, and this gives us a unique feeling of the season between the cold and the wind pushing us to our new day of tracking and adventure.
Today we would have two important potential allies, and we are developing a unique product with Ecocamp for 2 or more days, where Patagonia Bagual´s fantastic mix with the comfort and experience of a very environmentally responsible, idea shared with us. Carolina and Paola work in sales, they will be responsible for transmitting the feelings that this cold autumn day would bring them, and we are responsible for the greatest experience of their lives.
The day began at Ecocamp at 0830hrs, where we met and among conversations, photos and laughter, we went to Laguna Azul to register our entry to the parks Conaf guard. The cloudless sky, the towers with their magical attitude, always firm, watching the passage of time with the slow coming of autumn.
No doubt the colors were to be protagonists of the day, and in our beloved «Post» with a coffee in hand, we made the presentation to update our passing on the status of the herd and the sector. Walking while tracking to the viewpoint of the Stoke lagoon, where the mountains of the southern ice fields showed us that the day would continue to clear. Without seeing the horses, we continued toward our second viewpoint. During the ascent we had the most dramatic situations, when 2 adult condors came bothering a youth. The situation always put the youth under their attackers, and this, when you feel the closeness of the attack, impressively turning on its axis and lifting her legs as a defense, it swiftly recovered after returning to it´s stable, usual position. This happened so close to us, the sound of their wings cutting the air produced an unprecedented impression.
Normally when we find a heard of horses watching a Raptor, Eagles, Kestrels, among others, this time it was the condors, because at the time they disappeared from view, there were horses, quiet in the foothills of the Masle. It was a small group of 17, we needed the rest. So we went up to see the best angle of the Torres and our horses. The afternoon passed between mates and science, because we take the time to describe the group we found.
Our return was quiet and the day culminated perfectly, our passing had already been more than 2 times in the park, and both agreed that Patagonia Bagual was different, new and feels very special to track and teach you to read nature to find animals that are so used to it. A perfect day.